Xica Media

a creative agency

Whether you are building your online business or digitizing your social justice movement,
Xica Media can help you CREATE, GROW, and GET NOTICED. 

Co-creating a better world
through multimedia and digital strategies.

Born out of grassroots organizing and run by people of color, our creative agency is mission-driven and sits at the forefront of social justice, healing, and art. We believe in the power of creative media and in the importance of owning your own story. We love to work with people, communities, and organizations making a positive impact in the world.

What we do

Ways we can help

Audio/Music, Branding, Expert Services, Film, Language, Online Courses, Print, & Web.

Books, music, and ethically-sourced clothes & gear.

Documenting our stories in our own words and making the world a better place using web & multimedia.

We are industry experts and artists using film and music to effect positive change.


& Community Projects

Family of Networks
Digital Storytelling
Digital Resistance
Family of Networks
Documentary Film
Documentary Film
Digital Storytelling


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