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We are industry experts, artists, and media makers working to co-create a better future through multimedia and digital strategies. Born out of grassroots organizing and run by people of color, our creative agency is mission-driven and sits at the forefront of social justice, healing, and art. We believe in the power of creative media and in the importance of owning your own story. 

We do a lot at Xica Media. We offer courses, services, and products. We also collaborate on public projects and run our own family of digital resistance networks. We love to work with people, communities, and organizations making a positive impact in the world.



Xica Media offers a wide variety of services and products to help you and your organization grow. 

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your vision and how we can help it become reality. Select an option below to learn more and view our portfolio. 

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Digital Resistance 101:
Toolkit for communities in crisis

Website in a day (Technical training)

Sensitivity training for media makers in social justice

Working with communities in crisis: Helping document, digitize, and disseminate their story, in their words.

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We offer books, music and ethically-sourced clothes & gear.
Support 100% Xicanx-powered digital resistance.



These projects are volunteer-led and funded by contributions from people like you.
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We are industry experts and artists. These are our personal websites.  
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