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30 min / 1 hour by phone of video chat

Consultations of 30 minutes to an hour of technical and strategical planning around your specific issue are available.  Map and manifest a map to success via video chat/phone on an individual basis or as a group.  Preliminary questionnaires will be sent prior to our meeting.

Technical Assistance

Direct technical support

Available for WordPress training, temporary or long-term technical support, website creation, and site administration.

Graphic design is also included.

Offering rates by project, hour, or half hour and crafted to meet your specific needs and budget.

Public Speaking

Via phone or video chat on a variety of topics

Available to speak on a variety of topics to students of all ages, K-12 schools, colleges/universities, and special gatherings.

Topics include: Digital resistance, technology and culture, technology and gender, decolonization, cultural arts in the virtual world,  and others.