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A creative agency at the forefront of social justice, healing, and art. 


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Xica Media

We are industry experts, artists, and media makers working to co-create a better future through multimedia and digital strategies. Born in 2002 out of grassroots organizing and run by people of the global majority, our creative agency is mission-driven and sits at the forefront of social justice, healing, and art. We believe in the power of creative media and in the importance of owning your own story. 

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Digital Trailblazers

Our collaborations have made internet history and international headlines.


We believe in the power of storytelling and owning your information.

Creative Agency

We use creativity to solve modern problems while co-creating the world we want to see.

Step into your power

Your stories, visions, and ideas matter.

We can help your step into your digital power and share your story with the world.

Modern & Creative Solutions

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Public Speaking

We offer packaged lectures and presentations on a number of topics. As a BIPOC agency we are happy to discuss social justice, culture, decolonization, rematriation, and more.


Put your best foot forward and create plan for success with a one-on-one Consultation.

Digital Strategy & Web Design

Step into your digital power with intention and ingenuity. We can show you how.

Immersive Storytelling

Your stories are more powerful than ever in these times. We can help you create it digitally while using immersive techniques to draw the reader in.

Film & Video Production

We proudly feature the expertise behind creative short films of the Mexican American and Indigenous experience in Texas.

Music & Audio Production

We are honored to work with a complete collection of Mesoamerican instrumentation and produce sounds that tie the ancestral past with the future.

Popular Education

We work with communities, experts, and scholars to produce educational tools for children and people of all ages.

Digital Resistance

We are guided by the principles of Digital Resistance and offer training and frontline support programs to communities in crisis.

Our Team

Iris Rodriguez

Iris Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary artist and Creative Director.

Her work sits at the intersection of art and immersive technology with a specific focus on culture, decolonization, rematriation, environment, social justice, and digital resistance. She is the founder of Xica Media networks.
Visit Iris-Rodriguez.com

Ce Acatl Borsegui

Ce Acatl Borsegui is a musical artist born into an Indigenous family ensemble from Tonalá, Mexico whose roots span the course of several generations. He was raised in the musical tradition of the Danza de Sonajeros (Tuxpan, Jalisco) and has performed on stages across the world since childhood alongside his parents in Grupo Huehuetl.

With a seasoned repertoire that spans the globe, for the past three decades he has served as a cultural ambassador of Mesoamerican music as a performer, teacher, and artisan specializing in organic instrumentation.
Visit Yacatsol music


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