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Varela Film announces merger with

Xica Media

Xicana-powered digital resistance goes international

XICA MEDIA officially merges with Varela Film to form the first Xicana-powered digital resistance network and multimedia production company. 

This merger will advance the mission of Xica Media production company to continue providing digital assistance and front-line support for grassroots social justice, human rights, and rights of nature movements.

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With over 15 years of experience in the U.S. (and now Latin America) XICA MEDIA reaches global audiences of all kinds in multiple languages, online and in print. Our networks actively reach over 120 countries in English, Spanish, and indigenous languages. We offer an established portfolio with experience in academic, commercial, community-based, legal, and state government projects.

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Xica Media proudly announces the launch of Contacto Migrante, a Digital Resistance 101 community support project.

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