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Day: February 4, 2016

Comunidad Tochan

Xica Media is proud to be a supporter of the  Comunidad Tochan project, a community project focused on revitalizing and celebrating the customs, traditions, language, and culture of the Huasteca

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A Strike And An Uprising

In 2018 Xica Media was honored to work with award-winning filmmaker Anne Lewis on the official website and resource portal for the documentary film “A Strike and An Uprising! (in

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La Cultura Nos Cura

HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Con mucho amor I would like to present to you the NEW music video for “La Cultura Nos Cura.”  It is  the first music video I

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Support the Xicana Chronicles project

DONATE TODAY! http://paypal.me/xicamedia READ MORE: http://xicanachronicles.com/xicana-chronicles-is-seeking-your-support/ The Xicana Chronicles project is as an act of resistance and resilience and WITH YOUR HELP we can continue to share our stories in

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BUY NOW: Rascuacha Tech

With great humility and respect, I would like to announce the publication of my first book, RASCUACHA TECH. It is the inaugural book of the Xicana Chronicles publishing house. Rascuacha

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