You are currently viewing 30 Birth Workers of Color CONFIRMED  the Parteria 2020 Training Intensive

30 Birth Workers of Color CONFIRMED the Parteria 2020 Training Intensive

We are proud to share that we officially have a solid group of birth workers of color who identify as Mexican, Mexican American, Xicanx, Latinx, indigenous (from literally coast to coast, including Canada and Hawaii), Costa Rican, Black, and Afro-Latinx. WHAT AN HONOR to be a part of this circle!

We now have 30 birth workers of color CONFIRMED with several more planned to confirm this week for the Parteria 2020 Training Intensive!  

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Here is a redacted scholarship awardee statement:

“Growing up, I did not learn about menstruation, pregnancy, or traditional medicine in an open and supportive environment[…]
After that experience, which was my introduction to learning about my body, my identity as a woman, as well as an eye and heart-opening experience about natural/humane childbirth, a community of doulas was born and my personal journey began.

My intention for the knowledge that I would gain in this training is to continue this journey and continue to build community across geographic locations, connecting with others to learn and support one another. I am interested in learning more about traditional medicine and birth practices, especially from Mexico/Latin America since my family is from Guadalajara, Jalisco. This experience would be vital to my effort to reconnect with knowledge that has been lost in my family and in our community as a result of colonization, capitalism, and assimilation.”

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