A Strike And An Uprising (Website)

A Strike And An Uprising

In 2018 Xica Media was honored to work with award-winning filmmaker Anne Lewis on the official website and resource portal for the documentary film “A

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Major document dump reveals agrochem industry’s MeXicanx roots

We remember the public chemical baths in El Paso in the same era, done to folks crossing the border every day to work. Now let us also remember that Monsanto, the agrochemical industry, and “science” around the human impacts of chemical exposure were quietly born in a MeXicanx barrio in deep South Texas.

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La Cultura Nos Cura

HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Con mucho amor I would like to present to you the NEW music video for “La Cultura Nos Cura.”  It is 

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Support the Xicana Chronicles project

DONATE TODAY! http://paypal.me/xicamedia READ MORE: http://xicanachronicles.com/xicana-chronicles-is-seeking-your-support/ The Xicana Chronicles project is as an act of resistance and resilience and WITH YOUR HELP we can continue

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