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We are a web design and creative agency that helps frontline communities, social impact organizations, and brands create build a just, equitable, and sustainable world through their digital footprint.

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Xica Media

Guided by our commitment to liberation and positive social change online and in person, we effectively channel these forces to co-create a future that embraces equity and environmental well-being.

For more than two decades, Xica Media has driven transformative initiatives with an unwavering dedication to re-Indiginization, rematriation, environmental justice, and digital resistance.

Quality. Vision. Options. Results.


Whether you need a website, a logo, a video, or a podcast, we have the skills and experience to help make your vision come true.

We also offer events planning and organizing for private international events in Mexico, specializing in cultural exchange and family-friendly programs, ecotourism, and retreats for BIPOC people, groups, and organizations


Standard and Immersive Design, Multilingual Setup, IT Services, and Customized Technical Instruction

Digital Strategy Consulting

Custom-tailored Consultations on Digital Strategy and Analytics

Print Publications

Reports, Presentations, Handouts, Memorabilia, and Technical Manuals

Tours & Events

Cultural Exchange, EcoTours, and Group Retreats

Content + Language Services (English/Spanish)

Writing, Editing, Translation, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking, Panels, and Private Events


Consultations, Branding Bootcamp, Branded Kits, Videos, and Social Media Packages

Social Media Management

Batch Content Creation, Scheduling, and Engagement Services

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Looking to leave and improve your digital footprint?

We can help!

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