HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Con mucho amor I would like to present to you the NEW music video for “La Cultura Nos Cura.”  It is  the first music video I have ever produced and includes dancing, a sprinkle of conciencia and a  Donald Trump piñata bash!

The footage comes from hermanas guerreras from Oakland  (CA), El Paso (TX), Las Cruzes (NM), McAllen, San Antonio, and Guadalajara (Mexico.)  The video is in Spanish and Nahuatl.

I know that our communities are under attack daily but I wanted to produce a piece of art that could help us take a moment to stop, dance, feel joy, and remember the beauty in why we are still here resisting.

IMPORTANT:  There is a call to action for prayers like #AyoyotesOnTheGround or through an international #Floricanto #InXochitlInCuicatl in solidarity with Standing Rock.  Spiritual and artistic warriors are being called to pray and produce artistic visions that provide consciousness, healing, and hope for the water and earth protectors at the Standing Rock reservation and across the continent.

#NoDAPL    No Dakota Access Pipeline
#NoTPPL     No TransPacific Pipeline
#NoCPL       No Comanche Pipeline
#SacredStoneCamp #OcetiSakowinCamp
#WaterIsLife  #AyoyotesOnTheGround

A special thank you to everyone who inspired the vision and participated, including:

Celia Aguilar
Saray Argumedo
Cemelli De Aztlan
Celeste De Luna
Tiffany Devez
Erika Gonzalez
Danielle Lopez
Melisa May Bite
Laura Rios Ramirez
Tara Evonne Trudell

I hope you enjoy the video!  Please feel free to share!

#SacredStoneCamp #OcetiSakowinCamp
#WaterIsLife  #AyoyotesOnTheGround


ALBUM: http://tezcatlipocarecords.com/product/presale-la-cultura-nos-cura-full-album/

MP3 SINGLE:  http://tezcatlipocarecords.com/product/la-cultura-nos-cura-mp3/

“La Cultura Nos Cura” © 2016
Artist:  Yacatsol (Iris Rodriguez)
Album:  La Cultura Nos Cura
Producer:  Tezcatlipoca Records
Instrumental loops: DJ Tamalero Guarachero

NOTE:   “Ce,” “Ome,” “Yei,” and “Naui” are the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Nahuatl.




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