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No Borders
On Stolen Land

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We as a digital generation are living a moment where we see and feel how white supremacy moves across corporate media channels and the internet. It beckons fear, evokes hate, and fuels violence in our daily lives and across our public and personal landscapes. It is overwhelming but it is also a call to take action. Each of us has personal power that can influence and change the narrative and shift the public discourse.

Sharing our own stories is a powerful weapon that allows people from all backgrounds to connect with each other, lift our spirits, and remind us of our personal and collective power.  

This product is part of a fundraiser for Xica Media networks and is available for a limited time only. Born in the Texas borderlands and now reaching the world, we are a grassroots creative agency at the virtual and physical forefronts of social justice, healing, and art that works to co-create a better world. We create grassroots media, work on creative community projects, and support communities in crisis through our digital resistance program. We are women of color, artists, and grassroots media makers working to co-create a better future by sharing stories by and for the people. Please visit Xica Media to learn about our community projects and connect with us.

Your purchase of this product will support Xicanx-powered digital resistance. 


Erika González is a Xicana educator and former environmental justice organizer with fifteen years of experience working with children and families in K-12. Erika infuses art, social justice and culture in curriculum. She is the former Co-Director of PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources) based in East Austin, Tx and is currently a founding teacher at Roses in Concrete Community School, a social justice school in East Oakland where she teaches Kindergarten. 

Read more about Erika, in her own words.

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