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Our featured merch collections are BACK!

GREAT NEWS! Our featured merch collections are back for kids and adults! Now offering t-shirts (short and long-sleeve), hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, mugs, leggings, pillows, banners and stickers!

We offer ethically-sourced products made with love that support positive community projects, inspire cultural pride and reclaim our power and rightful space as indigenous and Xicanx peoples in these times of hate, assimilation and white supremacy.

Your purchase of our products helps keep this Xicana-powered autonomous network alive! Please support today!


Divest, Direct Action, Decolonize

La Cultura Nos Cura

Warrior Woman

No Borders on Stolen Land

Their walls can’t confine us, millennial caminos will survive

Water from the womb, earth and sky is sacred




These products are part of a fundraiser for Xica Media networks and is available for a limited time only. Born in the Texas borderlands and now reaching the world, we are a creative agency at the virtual and physical forefronts of social justice, healing, and art that works to co-create a better world. We create culturally-affirming media, creative public projects, and support communities in crisis through our digital resistance program. We are women of color, artists, grassroots organizers, and media makers working to co-create a better future by sharing stories by and for the people. Please visit Xica Media to learn about our community projects and connect with us.

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