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  • Working with communities in crisis: Helping document, digitize, and disseminate their story, in their words Quick View

    In this live online 1.5 hour masterclass, media makers interested in working with communities in crisis will learn how to engage respectfully and collaboratively to document, digitize and disseminate the stories from the frontlines to the world in the words of the people at the center of the issue. The emphasis of this course will be on overcoming economic, time, physical and geographical limitations (including limiting government or organizational rules). This course will analyze various forms of privilege, emphasize intracultural communication skills, share industry secrets and technical film/audio recording techniques, and offer digital strategies for sharing (including livestreams). Participants will learn how to co-create powerful media that preserves the integrity of the community, shares their story in their own words, and makes a positive impact in the world.

    Includes video and PDF training manual.

    This course will be aired live on Sunday, December 2nd (2018) at 12 pm CST and be available for one year.

    Participants can engage directly with the instructor during the live taping or receive feedback via email if unable to be present for the live class.