Digital Resistance 101: A Printable Toolkit for Communities In Crisis


Digital Resistance 101: A Printable Toolkit for Communities In Crisis


Digital Resistance 101 is now available as a *printable PDF toolkit* that you can print out on-demand anytime, to get organizing right away! Take it to your community meetings or share it with someone who could use it!

We live in a time when many of our communities are in crisis or under attack by white supremacy, sexism, fascism, racism, discrimination, police brutality, colonization, and or contamination.

Are YOU from a community in crisis? If so, the Digital Resistance 101 toolkit was created JUST FOR YOU.

Learn how to assert your digital power now!

Digital Resistance 101 is a *printable toolkit* for communities in crisis who are experiencing ongoing trauma, low economic resources, media censorship, technological divides, and linguistic barriers.

All ages and abilities are welcome, and all levels of tech knowledge are invited!

The Digital Resistance 101 toolkit is a printable workbook with 13 years of tried-and-tested techniques in five short lessons.

Digital Resistance 101 is rooted in over a decade of resistance on the ground and online.

Learn tried-and-tested “Raschacua Tech”niques and assert digital power to help the community document, digitize, and disseminate the community’s story with the world.

Learn to construct digital resistance movements that can help the community boost online visibility, raise awareness, grow networks that take action, and obtain positive results.

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