You are currently viewing Top RASCUACHA TECHniques for Communities in Crisis: TIP #3

Top RASCUACHA TECHniques for Communities in Crisis: TIP #3

>>> Pool your resources

There is room for everybody in the movement.  The solidarity of individuals from all walks of life is necessary.  Include elders and the non-techie folks in digital strategizing.  They may have visions that can help guide the digital movement in directions that were previously unconsidered. Brainstorming and being open to ideas from all directions will result in a broader strategic vision and outreach campaign.

Include folks that can help pray or send positive thoughts toward the movement.  All positive energies are needed, especially when combating an enemy with deep pockets, political power, and the power to move sicknesses like ignorance and greed through corporate media and the internet.  Pool your resources to circumvent any individual/communal disadvantages.  Through the collective effort, change is possible.

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