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Visions From The Inside (2016) Day 6

By Ebin Lee
By Ebin Lee

Piece #6 from our #VisionsFromTheInside2016 series, a collaborative project between visual artists and immigrants facing the for-profit detention monster.

To view complete series, please visit: bit.ly/csvisions

Excerpt from detainee’s letter: “Dealing with an ankle monitor you don’t feel free even in the outside. You have a specific time that you can go out and you have to ask for permission. You still feel like you’re imprisoned. That’s not living.” -Angela

Artist statement: “In my work I aim to catch the spontaneity of what I’m feeling with or without words. A line that really stuck out to me [in the letter] was: to get to this country, one suffers a lot. It says a lot in one sentence. I wanted to make a design based image that incorporates an image of perceived freedom (lines in the flag) and incarceration (prison bars) together.” -Ebin Lee

Connect with this artist on: http://ebinlee.com/

#EndFamilyDetention #Not1More #art4#artforchange #borderlands #immigration#undocumented #socialjustice #racialjustice#migration #refugees #migrantpower

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