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Visions From The Inside (2016) Day #7

By Louis Chinn
By Louis Chinn

My final piece from the#VisionsFromTheInside2016 series, a collaborative project between visual artists and immigrants facing the for-profit detention monster.

To view complete series, please visit: bit.ly/csvisions

Excerpt from detainee’s letter: “The way I see it, this place is a human warehouse.” – Pavel

Artist statement: “My work depicts a portrait of a detainee, silenced by U.S government policy and corruption. The barcode on his forehead represents the ICE militarized industrial complex and the dehumanization of immigrant lives as a physical product within this system. There is a trail of detainees slowly losing their identity and disappearing into the distance. Similarly, the concrete background represents institutional imprisonment and stolen lives, while the dandelions, a symbol of overcoming hardship and adversity, reveal a contradiction in society; in many contexts they are considered a pest or a weed. Yet in truth, they are a beautiful flower that represents faithfulness and has powerful healing properties.” -Louis Chinn @jyunjyuncreates

Connect with this artist on:http://www.louischinn.com/

#EndFamilyDetention #Not1More #art4#artforchange #borderlands #immigration#undocumented #socialjustice #racialjustice#migration #refugees #migrantpower#mixedmediaartist #phototransfer #dandelion

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