Xica Media: An incredible year of growth and digital resistance from the barrio to the world



For the past 18 years, Xica Media has grown from a social justice digital support network from the Texas barrio to a partner supporting front-line indigenous communities and earth defenders around the world.

We have also collaborated with some incredible community projects and fierce womyn who are making a positive impact around the globe. 

2018 has been a powerful year for Xica Media Networks and we wanted to take a moment to tell you about it.

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Merger with Varela Film

This year Xica Media merged with Varela Film, a move which established a market and joint headquarters in the US and Mexico. Film industry expert, artist, and community storyteller Laura Varela amplified and electrified Xica Media’s production and storytelling capacity. The focus on respectfully documenting, digitizing, and disseminating the voices of the people at the center of an issue is as sharp as ever before.


We were honored to work with several clients this year who are doing meaningful work in the community and for the planet.

Equilibrio Norte

An indigenous people’s movement dedicated to earth and culture rooted in Austin, Texas that gave rise to the declaration of Indigenous People’s Day.

Equilibrio Norte

Austin Beloved Community

An living archive of labor and social justice history in Austin, Texas. This interactive site invites the public to submit important historical events. This is what the history books (especially in Texas) don’t teach you – the people’s history!

Austin Beloved Community (Website)

Strike and An Uprising

The official website the the feature-film, A Strike and An Uprising! (in Texas), an historical film documenting labor history through the lens of the Mexican American and Black communities in Texas.  A must watch!

A Strike And An Uprising (Website)

Movement Rights

Movement Rights is a non-profit that collaborates with and supports front line indigenous communities to defend the Rights of Nature. From supporting the historic Ponca law banning fracking to the declaration of human rights for a river in New Zealand by the Maori to defending the Amazon in Bolivia, Movement Rights is working for a better future for everyone and Xica Media is there to support.

Movement Rights (Website)

Kate Adamson, MSW

Kate Adamson, author of Paralysis to Power, is a survivor of total paralysis who fought her way back to mobility and is now a motivational speaker. Faced with a medical community who assumed she had no hope, she fashioned an amazing recovery from Locked-in Syndrome (total paralysis from a brain injury due to a brainstem stroke).

Kate Adamson, MSW (Website)

Stop US Arms to Mexico

The Stop US Arms to Mexico project seeks to contribute to a substantial reduction of US legal arms sales and illegal gun trafficking to Mexico. The project is a collaboration of Global Exchange in the United States and the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights in Mexico.

Stop Gun Violence in Mexico (Website)

Film Projects

Xica Media/Varela Film award-winning producer Laura Varela is currently promoting the following film projects.

As long as I remember: American Veteranos

As Long as I Remember: American Veteranos by Laura Varela is a PBS-featured film (Varela Film / Xica Media) that documents the impact of the Vietnam War on Mexican Americans through the stories of veterano Michael Rodriguez.
Video clips can be viewed along with lesson plans for 9-12th grade at PBS Learning media. You can also purchase a copy of the DVD here.

raúl salinas and the Poetry of Liberation

raúl r salinas and the Poetry of Liberation is an hour long documentary that takes us on a trip through the life Xicanindio poet/activist raúlrsalinas’ and a changing nation told through “medicine stories,” poetry, and the rhythm of jazz. This story examines, the social/political forces that transformed a man from petty criminal to a poet of the people and revolutionary. 


This year the Yacatsol project went around the virtual world with it’s blend of cumbia, cantos, indigenous music, medicine songs, and bruja pop. The La Cultura Nos Cura album was remastered and released as was the Yetlanezi CD. We are working on our next cumbia album and hope to have it out within the next few weeks!


Yacatsol is a border-crossing, multilingual, decolonial, “cura” music and art project

by Xicana artivist Iris Rodriguez of Xica Media.

Community projects

These projects are volunteer-led and funded by contributions from people like you. Donations are welcome and sponsorships are available. Your support is greatly appreciated.

You can donate to a specific project below or donate to all Xica Media projects here.

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Xica Media offers a series of services and courses to help projects and business put their best foot forward. 

You can also get involved and support positive community projects to that help make the world a better place.

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