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Important news from XICA MEDIA networks

Xica Media merges with Varela Film

Xica Media officially merges with Varela Film to form the first-ever Xicana-powered digital network and multimedia production company.  

Introducing Contacto Migrante

Announcing the launch of Contacto Migrante – a front-line and online volunteer project aimed at promoting a humanitarian global response in person and online in support of Central American refugees in Mexico and the U.S.

Official launch of Calling Back Our Womb podcast

Announcing the official launch of Episode 1 of Calling Back Our Womb. We invite you to check out our first show!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Xica Media merges with Varela Film

Varela Films (San Antonio, Texas) is merging with Xica Media to create the first-ever Xicana-powered digital network and multimedia production company.

This merger will advance the mission of Xica Media production company to continue providing digital assistance and front-line support for grassroots social justice, human rights, and rights of nature movements.

Laura Varela (of Varela Film) and Iris Rodriguez (of Xica Media) are multimedia artists and digital producers whose creative visions are rooted in the ancestral knowledge and millennial traditions of Texas.

Xica Media is dedicated to using technology as a tool for social justice (digital resistance) and it’s merger with Varela films will allow the effort to further harness the power of culture, art, film, and technology while expanding its international following. Varela Film is a production company dedicated to telling authentic stories through the lens’ of women, Xicano, Tejano and indigenous people though film, video and art.  The merger will host several websites and will continue to expand the network by supporting collaborating artists.

“Latinas” and “Hispanics” are the most powerful demographic group with the most media consumption and buying power in the U.S.  Nevertheless, a gap in representation of critical topics and perspectives remains; especially with regard to cultural/national identity and indigeneity.  Since there is a strong correlation between media consumption and cultural identity we believe our stories are timely and necessary. Our body of work reflects and affirms our right to exist on this continent and will continue to create digital opportunities to get our voices and stories our to the larger world.    

The Xica Media network of channels includes:

About Laura Varela

Laura Varela’s work is influenced by growing up on the US/Mexico Border in El Paso, Texas.  Her work explores ideological, cultural, linguistic and physical borders through the use of film and contemporary art installations. She has received awards from the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, Humanities Texas,and Latino Public Broadcasting’s Public Media Content Fund and ITVS.  Her installation work has exhibited at several galleries and museums including the San Antonio Museum of Art, Art Pace, The Blue Star Center for Contemporary Art, the UTSA Downtown Gallery and Luminaria SA. She has also taught courses on documentary film at the University of Texas San Antonio; she still lectures and screens her work nationally and internationally. She is a alumni of the PBS Producer’s Academy, The NALIP Producer’s Academy,  and the University of Texas Radio TV and Film program and started her film career working on feature films, most notably Selena. Read her full bio here:


About Iris Rodriguez

Iris Rodriguez is an artivist, digital strategist, multimedia producer, author, and poet from San Antonio, Texas. Since 2002 her works have addressed issues such as environmental racism/justice, family detention, decolonization, culture, guerrilla media, feminism, rights of nature, and public archives. She is the founder of Xica Media, a Xicana-powered network of independent multimedia channels reaching over 120 countries in three languages. Her digital projects and collaborations have made internet history and have displayed at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Read her full bio here:

Introducing Contacto Migrante to #EndFamilyDetention #EndFamilySeparation

We would also like to use this special moment to also announce the launch of our first official joint project: Contacto Migrante, an international alliance between the End Family Detention network in the U.S. and El Refugio Casa del Migrante, a shelter providing direct assistance to Central American peoples crossing the state of Jalisco on the infamous La Bestia train as they journey to the U.S.

This cross-border collaboration offers front-line assistance to refugees in both countries while using multimedia and art to amplify the voices of those affected, raising awareness and moving hearts across the world to action. This project shares universal stories and truths that allow us to see humanity in others while forcing us to examine our own. To learn more about this project and help make this vision a reality learn more, donate, or sponsor the project by visiting

Video courtesy of El Refugio Casa del Migrante in Guadalajara, Mexico, a partner of this project.

Official launch of the Calling Back Our Womb podcast

Calling Back Our Womb is a podcast and network whose vision is to create a safe space for indigenous women to learn and share from across the Americas / Turtle Island / Cemanahuac / Abya Yala.


In this introductory show, we introduce you to the sounds and textures of the show, invite folks to participate, and speak to Sunshine Claymore, who shares her story about giving birth at Standing Rock.

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