Xica Media

We are industry experts, artists, and media makers working to co-create a better future through multimedia and digital strategies. Born out of grassroots organizing and run by people of color, our creative agency is mission-driven and sits at the forefront of social justice, healing, and art. We believe in the power of creative media and in the importance of owning your own story. 

We do a lot at Xica Media. We offer courses, services, and products. We also collaborate on public projects and run our own family of digital resistance networks. We love to work with people, communities, and organizations making a positive impact in the world.


2004 Co-founded La Nueva Raza news and published first print copies of La Nueva Raza News paper, a multilingual community-based [email protected] resistance platform in-print and online) distributed across the Southwest U.S.

2005 Published first website, a multilingual, multimedia resistance portal for the Mission, Texas environmental/social justice movement. Averaged 50,000 hits per month at its peak. 

2012 Began collaborating on international projects and expanded to include music production as well as support for indigenous community projects.

2018 Xica Media officially merged with Varela Film to create the first-ever Xicana-powered digital network and multimedia production company providing digital assistance and front-line support for grassroots social justice, human rights, and rights of nature movements.