Iris Rodriguez of Xica Media

Xica Media’s Iris Rodriguez and Laura Varela will visit with  Nuestra Palabra : Latino Writers Having Our Say, Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 6pm on on KPFT  Houston 90.1.

Iris Rodriguez founder of Xica Media and Laura Varela will share news about their latest creative and social justice projects.  Recently Varelafilm and Xica Media joined forces to to create the first-ever Xicana-powered digital network and multimedia production company.

This mission of Xica Media production company is to provide digital assistance and front-line support for grassroots social justice, human rights, and rights of nature movements.

Laura Varela of Xica Media and Varelafilm

Laura Varela and Iris Rodriguez are multimedia artists and digital producers whose creative visions are rooted in the ancestral knowledge and millennial traditions of Texas.

Xica Media is dedicated to using technology as a tool for social justice (digital resistance) and it’s merger with Varela films will allow the effort to further harness the power of culture, art, film, and technology while expanding its international following. Varela Film is a production company dedicated to telling authentic stories through the lens’ of women, Xicano, Tejano and indigenous people though film, video and art.  The merger host several network websites and will continue to expand the network by supporting collaborating artists.

Click here to hear past shows on soundcloud.  You can tune in live Tuesdays 6p-7p cst on 90.1 FM KFPT with a livestream at www.KPFT.org and more podcasts on iTunes.

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